When the Planet Earth Cleaning Company was established in 1994 it was the first of its kind. Going green was still considered a bit of a nuisance and not that important for most companies. How things have changed! Sustainability is now embedded in almost every company policy. It's a key government and compliance requirement and it's almost a given if you want to be considered as a responsible and ethical business.

As green procurement targets were announced and companies’ sustainability needs grew many products and services quickly
claimed to be ‘green’. Well, we didn’t need to do this,
as we already were green, right from the start.

The products we use, and have always used are less
harmful for you, our planet and us!

They contain:

  • NO Phosphates
  • NO Sulphates
  • NO Petroleum Solvents
  • NO Benzene Detergent Bases.



Why not?
Because whilst phosphates used in detergents might be helpful in softening water and boosting detergency, they are also natural fertilizers that increase the growth of marine weed that threatens marine and aquatic life. Sulphates are detergent fillers that serve no active purpose in detergents except to make them cheaper. They cause problems in our waterways and sewerage lines and put pressure on treatment works. Petroleum Solvents can be absorbed through the skin and cause systemic toxicity.

To reduce the burden on landfill we can supply biodegradable products for use in your office – at no extra charge. Our biodegradable garbage bags break down within two years compared with around 500 years for standard plastic bags.

We can also supply plantation-grown toilet paper that is processed using fewer chemicals and less energy than recycled paper.